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The Winebow Group

NYC sommelier Olivier Flosse,

Winner of Wine Spectator's Grand Award says:

"Lemon Soprano is the next Bailey’s”
“Don’t change a thing . . .

I must have this for the restaurant.” 

Gold Medal Winner
Spirits of the Americas Competition
--Tasting Notes from the judges:

"A creamy rich and stellar lemon liqueur. Charming and refreshing"

Not your Grandma's limoncello!

Author Robert Plotkin writes in BarMedia:

"Lemon Soprano is a guaranteed crowd pleaser...

a brand new taste sensation"

“Exquisite" . . . "a drinkable lemon gelato."

"a natural addition to a broad assortment of cocktails and mixed drinks"


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Creamy Lemon Drop

Lemon Colada

Irish Cannoli

F. Paul Pacult, America's Spirits Guru says:

Lemon Soprano is  “A dessert in a glass”
"little if any direct competition”
“A fun item”
“The lemony-ness is genuine, alluringly sweet/tart, and compelling”


Master Chef Domenico Berardicurti

from Rome, Italy says:

"This one is a pure Italian extravagant taste."

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Adult Mini Milkshake

Frozen Marco Polo

Lemon #9

Lemon Meringue Pie Martini