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Lemon/Chocolate Mousse
An Extravagant Dessert for your favorite guests
-Can be used for Cream Puff Filling, Cupcake Frosting, or Cake Filling

Or eat this decadent cream all by itself.

It's amazing!   And easy to make.  

Freezes well, too.  Firm - but still scoopable.


Lemon Soprano -- 1 Cup + 1 T  (or use more, up to 10 oz., to taste)

Powdered Sugar-sifted -- 1.25 Cups

Cocoa Powder -sifted -- 4 T

Mascarpone -- 1 Cup

Sour Cream -- 1.5 Cups


• Whisk sugar into Lemon Soprano until dissolved, and no lumps

• Whisk in mascarpone and sour cream

• In a separate bowl,dissolve Cocoa in 1/2 cup of Lemon Soprano/sugar mixture, whisk until there are no lumps of cocoa

• Add cocoa mixture to Lemon Soprano/sugar mixture whisk till smooth and even in color

• Chill well.  Or freeze until firm.

• For an Amuse, serve alone in a small dessert glass, topped with strawberry slices (pictured) or toasted pine nuts and a raspberry.

• or use as a cream puff filling (profiteroles), cupcake frosting or cake filling.


Lemon Soprano is Gluten-Free,  with 83 calories/oz.


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